Web Server

Ice2Rest provide a webserver, microIce2Rest based on libhttpserver and a FastCgi adapter to allow integration with common webserver like Lighttpd and Apache Web Sever. The webserver and the fcgi adapter load Ice2Rest plugins exposing interfaces, datatypes and exception defined in slice file from which which plugins were generated.


microIce2Rest is a light http server designed to server Ice2Rest requests, it's not a general purpose http server, you can use the FastCgi adapter for that.
microIce2Rest can be configured using the command line, setting the following properties:

--Micro.Port = listening port
--Micro.BaseUri = the base uri
--Micro.PluginsPath = the path where are located ice2rest plugins to be loaded
--Micro.Threads = number of threads used to serve requests

The configuration is managed through Ice facilities, so it is possible to use a configuration file to set properties append to the command line --Ice.Config=myconfig.cfg

FastCGI adapter

The webserver dynamically load Ice2Rest plugins exposing all the interfaces, data types and exception defined in the slice file from which plugins were generated, using json syntax. A FastCgi adapter is also provided to let Ice2Rest plugins to be used with common web servers like Lighttpd and Apache Web Server. Comprehensive configuration documentation for Apache2 and Lighttpd can be found in the downloadable package.