Conversions between Ice protocol and Json are managed by Ice2Rest plugins, a basci plugin (ice2rest_icecore) is compiled with the package, it contains all the Ice,IceBox,IceGrid,IceStorm,IcePatch,Glacier2 slice types. Slice2Rest compiler is used to generate plugins source files starting from user slice files, a free web based version can be used to try it. Multiple slice files can be combined in a single plugin.


ice2rest package must be installed before to proceed with plugins compilation. Once you get the archive with source files generated from your slice files, deflate it and create a build subdirectory. Jump into the build subdirectory and launch:

cmake -DICE2REST=/usr/opt/ice2rest -DPLUGIN=myplugin

ICE2REST must point to the ice2rest installation directory
PLUGIN is name of the plugin to be generated (in the example above compilation will end with


Copy all your plugins in the directory from which the webserver will load them (use Micro.PluginsPath parameter to configure it). Also the ice2rest_icecore plugin that is installed with Ice2Rest (you can find it under the lib subdir of ice2rest installation path) must be copied in the same directory.
Execute the web server and start to access to your Ice objcets!